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Polyurethane Adhesive for Food Package
JYE3260A/B is a two-component ethyl soluble polyurethane adhesive which can be boiled at 121℃ in 40min.
This adhesive is suitable for plastic-plastic and aluminum-plastic lamination. Using this adhesive can obtain high
initial strength and final strength.
1. Lamination film has the features of good initial adhesion, high transparency, high peeling strength, etc.
2. It has a certain media resistance and corrosion resistance with a good performance of coating.
3. It has high performance of lamination when it comes to aluminum foil package materials.
4. It conforms to the Food Hygiene Law of the P.R.C.
5. It conforms to the Adhesive regulations for food packaging of China National Adhesives Industry Association.
Physical Nature
Chart 1.The Physical Nature of JYE3260A and JYE3260B
Item JYE3260A JYE3260B
Appearance Light yellow transparent liquid
Colorless or light yellow transparent
Solid Content (%) 60±2 60±2
Viscosity(mPa• s,25℃) 2500±1000 500±200
Solvent EAC EAC
Mixing Ratio(Weight) 20 4
Chart 2. The Changes of Solid Content and Viscosity during the Dilution
JYE3260A(kg) JYE3260B (kg) EAC(kg) Solid Content (%)
(25℃,Zahn Cup #3),
20 4 33.6 25 13.5
20 4 24 30 16.5
20 4 17.1 35 23
Attention: The moisture of EAC, no more than 300ppm, is the most suitable solvent for dry lamination. In addition, MEK, TO,
ACETONE etc., whose moisture is no more than 300ppm, also can be used as solvent. It will reduce The effective content of
hardener when there is active hydrogen, such as alcohol, amine, in the solvent.
Standard Mixing Ratio(weight): JYE3260A:JYE3260B=20:4
Dilution: Pour the EAC into the JYE3260A, and mix absolutely. Add JYE3260B before mix entirely.
Coating: The coating use can be adjusted appropriately in order to math the requirement of use purpose,
materials and composition.The use should be 4.0-5.5g/m2 when in the aluminum-plastic lamination. Laminationfilm, which need hot working or heavily process, should use more adhesive. On the contrary, the use should be
less. In addition, the printing film should use more adhesive, too.
Normal concentration is 25~40%. The most benefit use concentration of roller coating is around 30%.
For the volatilization of solvent on the film, please equip the dry machine with strong wind, high speed and
applicable temperature. If the dry system consists of three parts, the temperature should be 50~60℃, 60~70℃
and 70~80℃ from the entrance to the exit in the order.
Lamination Temperature
50~80℃ is usual. The temperature should be controlled at 50~60℃ if the film is easy affect by the temperature.
Lamination Pressure
At the premise of protecting the film from damage, increase the pressure as high as possible.
The curing process should in the temperature of 50±5℃, at least 60 hours.
JYE3260A is 20kg/drum, JYE3260B is 4kg/drum.
This product should be stored in a cool and dry place. The validity period of JYE3260A is 12 months, and the
JYE3260B is 10 months.
1. Have a corona treatment to the film of Polyethylene and Polypropylene is necessary. The surface tension
should be more than 52mN/m as large as possible, and the surface tension of PET should be no less than
2. Environment humidity and moisture in the diluent make an obvious effect on lamination effect. Increase the
use of JYE3260B when in the High temperature and high humidity season.
3. Remaining adhesive: Do not use remaining adhesive in principle. If there are too much adhesive remained.
Saved tightly away from heat and ignition sources after dilution. The remaining adhesive can be used as
diluent, which should poured into the new prepared adhesive slowly and can not be used at aluminum foil
lamination. Do not use the remaining adhesive if there is the emergence of opaque, translucent or thickening
4. It should be selected before use. The type and concentration of additive make an effect on the strength of
5. Do not use this product with other adhesive.
6. Keep tightly in the shadow with the attention of fire and eliminating static electricity.
The operation conditions, composite technology, using method, performance data, we provided in this document, are made on the
basis of the test results of Technology Department of Joya Chemical. Please test and confirm before production or contact with our
technician since the difference of user’s materials, equipment, process conditions and package structure. It is user’s duty to test the
product we provide. We do not take on any legal duty for these data of the document.
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